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I am looking for a good workshop for my Toyota Corolla . Can anyone suggest me the best workshop apart from Abdula Latheef Jameel.
ALJ I am already feedup with by giving more amount for every single service. Please advise me one good workshop for all Toyota related repair and serive.


Check petromin

Thanks Omay, but I believe petromin will do any the oil change and all, can you suggest any workshop where I can do some repair as well

There are lots of workshop in Senaya area the one that did a repair to my car was manage by  Indians I will check the GPS for that if i still have it and i will PM to you

Thanks a lot brother

Petromin is the Best next option available for a general service. As they have all professional equipment's and they give you a service report all the things done and other faults which your car have and can be repaired outside,
If you want to maintain your service history by documents then Petromin is the best option available.
Atleast you can give try one's and get the experience then you can decide.

Thanks buddy

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