I am a Sri Lankan Dual citizen from Australia and spending more time in Sti Lanka. I have been working in UK, Canada and Australia for over 30 years and now retired. Just a warning to all expats to be extra careful in buying and using repair services as many large and small sellers are dishonest and not ethical and avoid responsibilities. Always get a signed doc. with warranty , after sales service etc. Talk to an expat with experience before you buy. I had few bad experiences and once you pay if will be difficult to get a refund. At present I am going through a repair services from a reputable company  who is avoiding my TV after repair problems. I have purchased an Apt in Mt.Lavinia and having many problems. If you need my help let me know.

everybody supposed to know:
if a person in Sri Lanka talks like: yes sir, no problems ??
You will have a problem sooner or later.

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