Expats groups and other advices for an English coming to Paraguay

Hi there all, hope you all doing ok!

I'm not an expat, I'm a Asuncena who spent 6 months in beautiful Brighton England where I met someone in who's now willing to come to Paraguay and live for a couple of months, potentially together.
As a paraguayan myself I'm aware of the huge differences in lifestyles, quality of life, the lack of interesting things to do comparing to England, and  I'm really concerned about making the most of his experience here and I'm trying to do some research to make things as easier as possible by the time he arrives.
I would like to know if there's any kind of expats group in Facebook which I supposed is the easiest social net, where he could get in touch whit other foreigners living here who could help him learning spanish, gatherings, job opportunities, socializing and tips for getting by in here. Of course I can give him my advices but it would be from my perspective that might be much more different from people of other countries. Appart from that if there's anything you would like to add, tips, advices or suggestions they would be very much appreciated.

I'm very aware of the bad, the worst and the ugly of living here and is making me a bit nervous about it but I think if ther's some kind of network support this could turn into and interesting experience for him.

As a side note we are in a relationship, he's my boyfriend eventhough we've been together fisically for around 5 months there in England, 5 amazing months were I grew to develope very strong feelings for him and I think he has too, there must be a reasong for him wanting to come to this very "special" country. If anyone in here has experience in this type of relationships I would like to know what are your thoughts, experiences or suggestions.

Looking forward to hear from you and thanks in advance!

Hola Ines. I understand your concerns. Within two  I am  travelling to PY with my Paraguaya wife. We have been married for two years and I believe we have a perfect relationship. I m English/Spanish. I am retired  and older then my wife.

Our plan is to settle in Paraguay and create an income for my wife for the years to come. Our concern is that we can also create a nice lifestyle to replace the one we are enjoying in Spain.

We believe that we should try to create some sort of network or group for socialising with other expat English, Spanish, or whatever to continue enjoying and sharing some of the things we  currently enjoy.

This would include hobbies, culture, arts etc. We might even open a bar/meeting place to encourage this. Would this sort of thing interest you?

By the way, I wish you all the best in your relationship. Dont ever forget- "Querer es Poder". Ciao. 

By the way-maybe you can advise me something-When we buy a house in PY, maybe in Aregua, should we put the house in joint names or just in my wifes name? Thanks

I want to start a company in paraguay any one can provide info

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