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I'm living in Vietnam since 3 years working for Japanese company , I love to stay here for along so ,after my contract finish next year planning to start small business.

I'm curious to know what are the best ideas to start a business and is it essential to have Vietnamese partner for easing the conflicts of language and governmental rules?

Hello Khalilgasser,

Thank you for your love to my Vietnam.

As a policy to attract the foreign investor to invest in Vietnam, you are welcome and encouraged to do business in Vietnam. However, it is noted that there still is a difference between the local investor and foreign investor. Namely, there are some business activities which are not opened to the foreign investor.  Therefore, to further advise, you should detail which business you intend to do in Vietnam.

As our practical experience and in reality, it is easier if you cooperate with a Vietnamese partner to do business. If you intended business is opened to the foreign investor, to save time and cost, it is recommeded that your Vietnamese partner will firstly set up a 100% domestically invested company and thereafter you acquire the capital of such local company from your local partner or you further subscribe/fund capital of the local company to become its new member.

I hope this helps. Should you have anything to discuss, please share.

I think you should set up a  consultancy ripping off  clueless *** who want to invest in VN. U'll make a million.

Wonderful, selfless, trustworthy VN partner essential haha

Hi Khalilgasser, as a lawyer here, perhaps I may give you some notes.

HI to everyone
I plan to open a consultancy business here in Vietnam.I will  not open an office.Also, my business will not require capital.
What minimum  capital I will require to qualify under Vietnamese law and what will be the total costs to open such a consultancy?

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