Looking for answers to prepare family move to Ireland


Here's the situation:

1.  We are a large family currently living the USA - everybody is an US Citizen
2.  My wife just got her Irish/EU passport last year, as most of her extended family lives in Ireland.  She was brought to the US as a teen when her parents migrated.
3.  I currently work for a large international IT company with a significant presence in Ireland and may have the opportunity to transfer to role based there.
4.  However, I may want to work for another employer based in Ireland as new opportunities emerge in the next two years.

OK, now the questions:

1.  Can I pursue employment in Ireland without a permit or sponsorship (in the event I pursed another employment opportunity) because my spouse has an Irish passport?  Or does she need to have had established legal residency?

2.   What would my wife need to do to establish residency, along with our children?  Does she need employment, or will my employment be sufficient?

3.  In general, what is the best way to establish residency considering the circumstances detailed above.  Looking for a sequence of events to get established based on the rules and regulations buried within the INIS site.

Thanks in advance for any guidance!

I was able to clarity on my inquiry from our contact at the Irish consulate here in the US.  It is pretty straight forward:

1.  My wife is an Irish Citizen with a passport
2.  My children can become citizens through their maternal grandparents - since they were both born and raised in Ireland.  What's good here is that I can submit all of their applications with the same set documents (which there are many!) and then afterwards apply for their Irish passports.
3.  If I take a position in Ireland, I won't need need a permit at first, since my wife is a citizen, but will need to apply for citizenship after three years of provable residency.  It was indicated that securing a position through my current employer will be the best option as it hard to get a new job at a new company without having citizenship nor residency at the time.

If anybody has anything to add or an experience that contradicts the information above, please let me know.  Thanks!

I just want to add that residency in terms of accommodation is a very urgent matter in Ireland in the moment. There is a HUGE housing crisis with no supply but very high demand no matter if you are in a so called pressure zone like Dublin, Cork etc or in the countryside... I guess that is in the moment the most important thing to look at except you own a home already.

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