Open a "Colmado" in santiago, DR

Hello guys I'm new here. I'm thinking of moving next year in santiago. I want to open a small business but I don't know the steps, Can someone enlighten me please .
Thank you.

Welcome to the forums. You can own but not work in a business without residencia. Working in it means you need residencia.

Depending what kind of business you are looking at. Rules change by situation, area and type!

Welcome.  Lots to research on the subject here.  Like Planner said you need your residency. Have you been here before??
Bob K

Yes i visited a couple times. How long does it take to get your residencia? I won't be working tho  just my business and live there maybe buying a home if they finance home there, do you know?

If you really think you can just open a colmado and make a good enough living to pay for the mortgage on a financed house, you better do more 'due diligence'.

That was not the question. But thank u

You wont get financing as a foreigner. Sorry.

You can get a home loan here but it is very expensive with stupid high interest rates and takes lots of time to arrange and about 2000 pieces of paper to fill out.  With out a  large amount of money (investments) or assets you won't qualify.

Bob K

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