Met Film school

I have been reading some really bad reviews about Met Film School in Ealing, London.
Has anyone studied here recently?

I have never studied there.
Hmm, it depends on where you find these reviews. I would suggest contacting the people who studied there. You can find them on Facebook or other social networks.

They do seem to attract a few complaints. … ool/18229/

Yeah, I found these. I'm a little worried. I was therefore wondering if anyone had been here lately as these are all a few years old.
Thanks for sharing though. : )

Staff reviews suggest issues (2017) … 082074.htm

Jun 2, 2017

Meet people in the industry
no organisation
no agenda for lessons
old equipment
staff are grossly unprofessional, sloppy, fairly dim-witted and at times insulted a few of my classmates
Advice to Management
Understand that everyone is paying a lot of money to be there.
Springing last minute work on people and/or giving a bulk of work to do in a short time does not mean we are getting moneys worth
Employ a few "doers" … ool/18229/

Met Film School
Directing MA
OVERALL UNIVERSITY RATING Tell us about your overall university experience so far. 20 Mar 16
I have done my BA at another art univeristy in London. I had a great time and I learnt a lot. This was the worst experience of my life. I wasted so much time and money. I don't know any other British institution that would tolerate it. I also feel like the knowledge that I got I would be better of just reading a book on filmmaking and inverting that money into my personal projects. It's all about money at met, you have to pay for everything. They push you to spend as much money as possible on your grad film (they recommend £4000-£7000) however often people are just not experienced enough and a lot of money gets burn. Honestly most of the people at my year were really dissatisfied. I know you really want to get into film but either consider a different institution or watch some youtube videos and make your own projects. I have been to this school and I am at the same point of my career that I was before going there. I am much more poorer though.

The long and the short is there are way too many negative reviews spread over many years not to question the place.
The links also offer an alternative institution, something I'd look at.

Hmm, then definitely be careful. Are there any good alternatives?

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