Dental Care

Can anyone recommend a good dental clinic? I've read many of the ads but I'd like to hear from those with experience. Thanks!

If you have a national health card and allot of time, you can go to the dental school in Budapest. You show your card, let them know you want a first time exam and then get sent up to the 3rd floor to wait your turn.( best to show up early morning time around 8 am)
If the student dentist and their instructor find your case" interesting" they will take you and the work is really done good although on the slower side because the dentists are doing everything by the book, no short cuts.
All the equipment is there in one building, no running around to get x-rays etc. like many private( they don't have x-ray machines in their offices so send you out on your own to get some)
If you do not have national health, you can still be excepted at the school but you will have to pay for services out of pocket.
No idea how much but for example, my new crowns cost me 11,500 forints each, I know elsewhere they charge over 30,000 a crown if not more. If you are over age 62 you are not charged a doctor fee on top of paying for the materials to fix your teeth.
Not sure if they charge a doctor fee if you are paying out of pocket though.

I have not had very good experiences with the 7 or 8 private dentists I had been to before going to the school.
I never usually went back to the same dentist because their work and prices didn't empress us. My student dentist was smart, careful, kind and spoke really good English. I got lucky for sure.

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