Relocation to Girona for pro athlete

I'm a pro athlete in the sport of triathlon and I'm looking to relocate to Girona in October/ November this year.

I'm looking for a basic, cheap apartment for just myself, in the city which ideally is close to swimming pools and running track, and even better a good supermarket. (I'm assuming cycling and running roads and trails are all easily accessible from anywhere in the city).

Can anyone tell me which districts in the city that I should be looking at renting an apartment in?

Does anyone also have any information on the accessibility of swimming pools and running tracks? (I have bad experiences from my time in Germany/ England of swimming pools not being open at suitable times or if they are, then unsuitable for use due to people using them for non-swim training activities).

If any one has any information of swimming clubs who train in the city that would also be really helpful!

Unfortunately I don't know any one already living in the city, so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I just saw your message. A good start would be Geieg:
I am a swimming member there. As I'm sure you know, Girona is a big cycling mecca, so I can give you contacts there. Look up Bike Breaks: Dave and Saskia have contacts in pro teams.
I run a Meetup group and I will ask around there for accomodation. We are frequently asked about that!
We have one or two keen cyclists, semi-pro. I am a keen cyclist but definitely amateur!
I hope this helps! You will love Girona, it is not very big so it is very easy to get around.

Hi Steve,
Thank you very much for getting back to me with those suggestions and for the offer to ask around the group.

Unfortunately I don't know any one already living in the city so any contacts I can make would be great to get some inside info to help plan the move.


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