looking for job offer in canada

I'm information technology expert looking for job offer in canada

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How can we help you?

Please feel free to post a job ad in the Jobs in Canada section, it might help you to be more visible to the eyes of recruiters.

The articles about work in canada might also help you.

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Go quickly to the Canadian border and claim your refugee status.You will get what Canadians pay for in their taxes.Please do it quickly, because Trudeau is pressed to cease his leftist behavior.

Thank you very much for your reply
Frist I'm not inside canada so I  want to get job offer to increase my chance to migrate to canada
I think you know that when I have job offer my chance will increase to migrate to canada
With best regards
fuad ali

At this time you have a bigger chance to claim your status as a refugee.
As I see you are Yemeni so it is your advantage.

Could you guide me how can I do
I'm inside yemen and it is difficult
To  claim mt status as a refugee and I can not go outside of yemen at this time because of the war
With best regards

Thank you for your reply

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