Home School

There are many educational establishments now offering online schooling facilities. They are based in many countries around the world and offer realistic options for parents to educate their children.

It appears that several members of this site have some interest in the home school system so here is an brief overview of an American school which assists with online education.

1. The school year consists of two semesters. September to January and January to June
2. Each semester the student is expected to study 6 subjects which should result in 3 credits
3. Subjects for each semester must be completed before the start of the next semester
4. Each student is given a lesson plan which shows which subject are to be studied. It details lessons for the day and lessons for the week. Any books needed are available to download online.
5. Parents can monitor what their children are studying, which lessons they have completed and submitted for grading, and which subjects are overdue.
6. Parents must update the attendance register with the number of hours spent studying for every school day.
7. Students can attend live lesson sessions with a teacher and can contact their subject teacher at any time to answer any questions they may have.
8. Students must have a Skype call with their course teacher once per semester. It can take between 20 minutes to 30 minutes.  The teacher asks them questions about their coursework and they must indicate that they know the subject.
9. School fees can be paid monthly

Hope the above can help some parents

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