Hemp yarn in Bali

I would love to know if anybody knows the rules around importing hemp yarn into Bali? It is for shoes I will be making. I've heard it may be hard to get hemp into Bali as its associated with drugs..

Alternatively another strong fiber such as linen may work, but I'm not too sure how easy this is to source in Bali. If I could find something suitable in there instead of importing it that would be much easier.

Its specifically the thread I need, not sheets of material. Any information on what different types of thin natural fibers (0.5mm) may be available would be really appreciated!


Hi Laney,

you can go through the material suppliers of any thread in bali first.


Hi Laney,

I recommend to see the product online Indonesia
like Tokopedia, shopee or lazada try a lot of choice

https://www.lazada.co.id/20m-twisted-bu … 09025801:s



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