Are golf carts legal on city streets in San Miguel de Allende?

Anyone know if I can use a golf cart equipped w lights, break lights, turn signals legally on city streets in San Miguel de Allende area? I know SMA very well but not sure I've ever seen one out on the streets there. Any advice helpful.

Well, well, question, would it be legal in the USA? The same rules apply in all of Mexico. Four wheelers are allowed but must be plated and mandatory helmet.

I couldn't find the official mexican law on the subject but if I find it again I will post it.

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Here is a link that could help with your question. … en-mexico/

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No they are not. I work with expats daily and I have asked this question more than once on their behalf.

An ATV is but you need a separate motorcycle license to drive it and helmets.

Thanks for your information.

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