Where to buy sheeps/goats in Jeddah?

Dear Members,

I am new in Jeddah and would like to know where i can buy sheep/goats for Eid Al Adha sacrifice.

Is there any facility for slaughtering / any slaughter house near by that place.

Please share the location of such market.



You may go to Jeddah cattle market located at Al Mutanazahat District.

Best of Luck!

There 3 small slaughter houses in Hamdaniyah District Where you can select your Sheep/goat. One slaughter house is very near to the Center Point in Hamdaniayah District. There you can go and check out for other two also.

There is also a Big Central Slaughter House in Al-Samer District By the name "Halaka Ganam"  but you need to have more spare time to go there because its usally it is crowded.

Thanks for the info.

I've ordered two (male & female) from here,  really quality animals but pricey for what i've wanted.

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