Affordability being a migrant

Hey everyone,

I am considering moving to Czech in Prague as I have heard great things and want a new adventure. But I am young with no savings and am worried about my financial situation and have lots of questions. I am worried about how I will afford and find somewhere to live when I move before I earn money from getting a job. How easy is it to find somewhere to live as a migrant? Also would I be able to take out a loan, taking out a loan is quite easy in the UK so I am not sure what it is like there? Also how well are migrants integrated into the community, will it be easy for me to find work? (I am a university graduate)  One last question what is the health care like, would I be able to get insurance to get free health care?

Any information on my questions would be much appreciated, thank you!!! :)

I am married to a Czech, 27 years, live in NJ USA,  and we will retire outside Prague in 8 years. I don't know your skill set or experience, and I assume you don't speak Czech. Based on assumptions here is my 2 cents.

The average income in Prague is about $1,500 USD a month, closer to $1,000 USD outside Prague.

An apartment will be expensive and take most of an average salary.  You will need a roommate.

The language is hard for most foreigners and is invaluable in getting a job. Yes, you might find something not speaking Czech but it will be an impediment and probably reduce your income.

The weather in winter is horrendous. We will spend winters in another country when we move there.

If you do not have family and friends there, a strong support group - you may find the move difficult.

Your career and income potential should be compared to your home country.  30 years of work x yearly salary = ?????  This could be significant.

I often wonder what might have happened if we had moved to Czech all those years ago. I'm fairly certain it would have cost us a great deal of money. But money isn't everything and I prefer the Czech lifestyle to the American way but again, only if the money is there...

Best of luck with your decision.

I was  told health care is around $100 a month. My experience, and what I have been told, it's very good. is insurance calculator. But you said nothing about your backgroud.. are you eu citisen ?

for load, you need work contract... without it, there is very low chance. Its depend on bank...

for integration & finding work... unless you learn czech, you have very small chance to get work for this 1000-1500USD ( unless you are expert )..... Without language, without experience, expect ~700-800USD monthly  even in prague...

Start with learning language ( it usually take  6 months learnign ).. Same with society.. unless you earn czech, you will be lost...

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