Removal company??

Hi everyone,

I am looking for a removal company that caters to Santiago, not finding much on the net. Does anyone know of a company or reputable man with a van? Also I was told I could not use a truck to move my belongings as the police would stop me and need paperwork? Is this the case? If so what would they need to see as most of my belongings are things I brought or shipped over? Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance!!

I have never heard of anyone getting into trouble for moving their possessions.

Bob K

Thanks Bob. I was told to get a closed van for this reason and this is something I've heard before but not really understood. I've even seen police stopping people who had a truck with furniture in it, and they presented paperwork? It's incredibly confusing...

Ive never heard of a foreigner getting stopped either.  I guess if they suspect a large scale robbery???

I would not worry about it - need to move then get it done. You get stopped you tell them its your.own stuff!!!

Thanks Planner, I guess you're right. Now to try and find someone to move me!

start asking neighbors and friends.   Trucks part on the street - grab a photo with your phone and have a Dominican call on your behalf!

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