Wifi spots in Kuwait City


As I still don't know if I will get Internet available just when I arrive Kuwait (I am totally new there), how easy/difficult is to find places with free Wifi connection around?  Are there particular places where this is more likely (malls, some shops, public buildings, etc.)?


Aside from the hotel I stayed in (Radisson blu) I've never tried to use a businesses wifi, (I'm a bit of a curmudgeon) but the idea isn't completely unfeasible.  There are a lot of businesses you'd be familiar with out here (starbucks and the like) that may provide free wifi.

There are cell providers that I think offer portable hot-spots as well.   Again, I'm a bit low tech, but on the surface it looks like something you hook up to your device via USB to allow you to connect to the internet.  I'll talk to the IT guy at work tomorrow, but the companies you're looking for are "Zane" and "Viva".  They may be able to do sell you one with a copy of your passport.  Both have kiosks in the airport.


Thanks Willgrow!!

Awesome, I will check next day when I arrive since I will be at airport at 2am, I guess there won't be kiosks open. I still don't know in which area I will leave, but I hope I can find some alternative around.


No problem.  If you cant find one at the airport, look at the Sultan centers or the local Coops for a kiosk.  They usually have one.

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