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Hi guys..

I come from Indonesia.. i have a plan to looking for jobs in singapore or australia. But it's very difficult to me because i don't have work permit/job visa to apply the jobs. I need a sponsor (companies/family who stay in that country)
Please give me any solution for this.. thanks

You need to find indeed a company that sponsors you..

About Australia try looking on

Please check the immigration website that defines the type of work visa required and the role you are seeking. In some cases only specific job roles are linked to visa requirements whilst other visa types have a looser definition of work details and are used by persons on a working holiday.  In the case of technical specialists, the companies will advertise overseas for targeted applicants whilst the need for less skilled transient workers (fruit pickers) etc is generally more face to face in areas that need these types of workers.

The immigration site has limited general
information on visa types only and doesn't provide the hitch-hikers guide to getting work in Australia.

For those who work and breach type 600 tourist visa with no work condition- you will be detained and deported immediately. will help with basic requirements

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