Meet english speaking people in the Paris area

Hello everybody, my name is Nicolas. I'm 38 and living and working in Paris.
I would like to meet English speaking people to improve my English and help them to improve the French if they  wish. I like sports, travels and go around. I'm open to any idea or suggestion you might have.
Should you be interested please contact me


You might also have luck by posting an ad in the CLASSIFIEDS-->Language Exchange section of the site.

Romaniac Experts Team

Check out Meetup and Facebook - many expat groups there.

Hey Nicolas. I am interested!

I am interested in a language exchange. I'm an American girl staying in Paris for 5 weeks and want to improve my French. I taught English as a second language for several years.


Hi everyone,

@Laura Umbreit, welcome to

Free feel to create an advert under the appropriate section : Language exchange in Paris

Good luck


Hi Nicolas, my name is Cat .I'm French too but like to speak in English. If you would like we could exchange some chat. I'm in Provence, La Ciotat.
Have a good one. Talk later hopefully.

Sorry Clivo,
First, how are you ?
Second, I apologize if I haven't replied before but I was so busy during this time. But it's not an excuse !
Of course, I remain that I would like to meet other people especially the english-speaking people !
By example, for information, I'm available from thursday september 28 until saturday september 30.
Let's keeping in touch and have a nice day.


Hello Catherine,

Sure, it would be interesting to speak english between two french people. Because, we can improve each other. That I have already to answer to Clivo, I could be free from September 27 to September 30.

I wish you a good day.


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