Hi I'm Ananya.

Hi  :)

I just registered today. I'm living in Thailand.
Now I'm looking for a job in New Zealand and plan to move there. I have a degree in Architecture.
If you have any comment or suggestion, please feel free to leave it.

Thank you.

Welcome to the forum.

First check to see if you qualify for a visa.

Thank you for your reply. I will check the link you suggested.


Hey Ananya

Find a job in New Zealand is little bit tough but that doesn't mean it's impossible. Since my last 4.5 year, what I have seen is if you have passions then definitely you can get job. Other thing you mention that you have studied architecture, this is good point as there are few good jobs available in that field. Construction is booming at the moment and there are really shortage of talent so you can try definitely. There is few sites you can check i.e,

If you need more information let me know will try to help as much as I can.

Good luck.

Hi Riki,
Thank you so much for your time replying and suggested the site which I should visit.

I could say, I am a person who is not easily to give up but sometimes just feel tired. So your comment encouraged me a lot. I will go to the website that you mentioned and of course I will write youif I need any suggestion.
Thank you again from Bangkok.

Thats great. I am sure you will find job. There are plenty of opportunity here too. One just need right guidance and passions.

Noted with thank you so much Riki.
Have a good day.

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