Visa change

Hi Sumitran,

Can you let me know how to convert visa from employment visa to free visa (visa which allow expatriates to change company without NOC).

Hi shariq07,

There is no such thing called as a 'Free Visa' in Oman.

Hi all,
I just want to ask if its true that an expat who just cancelled his/her employment visa after finishing the contract and live Oman without NOC can re-enter Oman without NOC by using family visit visa? Some says its ok to use  family visa other than that NOC is mandatory?

Hi Choienz,

According to the rule, even for a former expatriate employee who has exited the country, to re-enter before 2-years, the last employer's NOC is needed. Even if the person were to come on family joining visa.

On the brighter side, exceptions do exist.

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