just a couple of tips about Jiading disctrict..

Hi guys,
i'm dropping you all this note to get info about accomodation & mandarin classes in the JIADING area.

Do you know anyone renting out rooms/small studios in the Jiading area or closeby(ex along the metro 11)?
any recommendation about mandarin chinese classes - perhaps hold later in the day?

Appreciated any comment

Hi Francesco,

Please consider dropping an advert in these two sections of the website so that you might get some offers :

- Housing in Shanghai

- Language classes in Shanghai

All the best,

thank  you Bhavna!

Hi! I live in Jiading District at the moment, Anting to be exact. Our area is 10-15 minutes away from the metro but I usually take the Zhaofeng station in Jiangsu (Province) since I live in大名城。You can afford a shared flat for two persons for 1500rmb. Nonetheless, there are many other options around. An agent helped us out; their office is near the place as well.

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