Bought a scooter -- need to know documents and requirements


So, I ended up buying a scooter from Chacomer.  It came with the chapa (license plate), Cedula Verde (which I have issued to me in my name) and an emissions doc which says it is good for 90 days.

I read somewhere about a - Escritura pública which is also required.  However, I don't have that.  I have the Cedula Verde though.  So, my question is:  is a - Escritura pública required and if so, how do I go about getting one issued to me in my name? 

Also, is motorcycle insurance required to drive in Paraguay? I have heard some say it is and some say it is not.  I also read somewhere that we have to have obligatory SOAT insurance.  Anyone know whether or not you have to have insurance?  Anyone have any recommendations for insurance?


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