Profession changing in iqama

msharifgazal :

I suggest u if possible pay little extra and get ur job done

Would you mind elaborate, how a proponent could spend money?  Should extra money pay to the official person or a third party agent?

Check with your HR probably he knows some guys. As our Hrs used to help this way when they are unable to get with current profession. Recently one guy got from my company.

But if change of profession to engineer is not possible then my question is what are the other professions acceptable plz suggest

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Any response for iqama change

profession change may be start but their is some conditions.
1) your company will be platinum or high green status.
2) your company submit all the documents to mol and gosi for their employees.

otherwise they block the company account and company will not able to change the profession and also not take the kafala.

my company facing this 2nd problem so i am updating you on this issue.

why i am saying profession is start because their is some guyz adverising they can change your profession thats means profession change is start now.

may be i am wrong but i did so much working on profession change because i also want to change my profession. so this is my update for you if someone have more please share with us..

thank you

Any latest update for the Profession change, Still my company ask me to register in SCE[Saudi Council of Engg.]

But have below queries, appreciate your feedback.

1. If we registered successfully then Iqama profile change to RED-X [ Engineer working in non-engineer], but later what will happen perhaps cannot change profession to Engineer.

2. Worst case we cannot changed, then it is possible to Exit Visa by holding RED-X profile


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