Indian schools in Mauritius

Hi,  I am planning to relocate to Mauritius in couple of months from now. Right now my son is 5years old and going kindergarten (UKG) in India. Is there any Indian schools Indian or at least English speaking Schools in mauritius.  Please help me.


I don't know about Indian schools but there are a bunch of English speaking schools of all levels - kindergarten up to secondary - in Mauritius.

A quick google search will provide you with tons of links and information.

Dear WinstonH,

Thanks for your reply. In India generally academic year starts in the month of June/July and ends in the month of April/may. But I understand in Mauritius academic year starts in the month of mid of January. Since i am planning to move in September, is it possible to get admission middle of academic year. Your support highly appreciated.


Everything is just have to talk with the director of the school where you will be sending your kids and they will arrange things up...

Would like to know is there any Cambridge international school for A Level or CBSE higher secondary school in Ebene, Mauritius?

Hello Surati,

Let me tell you about Mauritius first of all. It is a nice place to live safe and secure. Life is slow here but you can have quality time obviously.

We have many English speaking private schools and State Secondary schools.

We have a place called Quatre Bornes where we have mostly Indian living.

You can contact me on the +*** (whatsapp) for any other additional information.


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