Why the visa at the airport is so expensive to enter Egypt?

As a tourist and as a family person, obviously we look for a cheaper holidays abroad; searching for cheaper airlines tickets and cheaper hotels. But, I do not understand why the visa at the airport in Egypt is so expensive. A family of 5 has to pay around £120 just for the visa to enter Egypt. Whereas In Turkey it is only £10 per person. In Egypt, at the visa bureaus, they only charge 20-30 Egyptian pounds per person. Some one is making lots of money somewhere from tourists!!!
We might as well not travel to Egypt and go where things are even more cheaper unless there is some control on this extra cost from the authorities.
Let see what happens? - By the way, I have reduced the number of visits to Egypt since the visa cost has gone up.

the military coup government is the reason for such visa coast , and i agree with you that will decrease the number of the tourists, but what we can do about that?!

Thanks for your reply Ibrahim-Faid, If the cost is too high for the visa, then people like me will look for an alternative cheaper destinations. Egypt will lose out. If the visa was cheaper, then I might visit more often and might bring more friends and family members to come and visit Egypt. Locals blame the tourist for not coming to Egypt - please blame your government for stopping us coming to Egypt and hiking visa costs. The more tourists come to Egypt, the more money they will spend and the economy will start to flourish again. Things to ponder on by the Egyptian authority.

i agree with all your suggestions but the Egyptian government are ruled with a military coup spoil generals who don't care for our country so all their commands cause  disasters to our economy  , we don't blame tourists we know what you face , i hope they return to the visa old coast , thank to your feelings to our country , hope you the best  :)  :top:

In my opinion 25 or 30 USD per person is not much if you compare it to the cost of visa to other countries. It is a decision made since the era of Mubarak but did not take place back then. Nothing to do with the military at all.

long live Egypt :P  for three times...lol

Dear Mariam, It might not be too much for you. But when a person has to travel from home to airport, airport to Egypt airport, get a taxi to get to ur place in Egypt - in a taxi - which has its own variable fares. Then on top of all that we, tourists have to pay extra visa cost of £20-£25 a go - dear sister it all adds up for a retired tourist, who just want to visit Egypt for max of 4 weeks. Anyhow, i used to travel to Egypt 3 x a year, but now its only once a year. Pls tell me who is losing out. I m just one person, there r many other tourists feel the same. Local ppl lose out. How comes Turkey in only £10 n UAE is free, u write many countries charge more. I see many ppl travel to Turkey n UAE. I leave rest to Egypt

It was $15 for years when Sisi took over it went up to $25 Egypt needs money you should see the prices to renew your visa way up but in America the prices went way up doubled in some places

I never wish to enter USA, as it is at the moment, but Egypt I would love to travel more often if opportunity arises. But the visa cost, is stopping me to travel and live in Egypt. The whole world is getting too greedy and want to rob the normal working class people. It's a rich man's world I used to hear when I was younger, but now it has become the real truth.

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