Transport and Travel in Malta

There are many ways to travel around beautiful Malta. It is also a bonus that English is widely spoken, making it easy to communicate and find your way around the island. For essential, basic transport the bus route network is sufficient. It consists of many routes connected to all major hubs and destinations in Malta and Gozo. This system is also cost-effective, especially when you get a ‘Ta Linja’ Card. The bus system does have its flaws though. Malta's narrow roads frequently cause traffic congestion, causing buses to occasionally be late especially during the summer months.   All the info you need can be found on the following link -

Renting or buying a car or bike/motorbike is also a viable option, however, is expensive. Malta is a small island and having a personal vehicle is very convenient to explore the island. Saying that, one would need to adapt to the Maltese roads and traffic; however, purchasing a personal vehicle is recommended for those who are planning to permanently stay in Malta. A very high percentage of Malta's population use a personal vehicle - according to an article published by the Times of Malta in 2013, there were 759 vehicles for every 1,000 residents – one of the highest per capita rates in the EU. Hence Traffic jams, especially during peak hours, are frequent. So plan ahead and try to avoid peak hours ( 8-9:30 AM, 5-6:30 PM).

Private Transport such as taxi services is also reliable. Companies such as Ecabs provide professional taxi services. For a night out or a trip to/from the airport, a taxi is guaranteed to have you covered. Usually, the fares will be set. It is also recommended that you avoid white taxis since they tend to overcharge.

Cycling is another option and there are many rental stores and ‘Rent by App’ bikes spread around the island. Given the narrow roads and country lanes, though, Malta may not be the safest place for a cyclist, even though conditions are starting to improve.

To get to Malta's sister island, Gozo, you would have to make an hour's commute to Cirkewwa Harbour in the North of Malta. Frome there, a regular ferry will take passengers to Gozo. For more information about travel and transportation in Gozo, you can visit the following link:

Getting around is an important aspect when staying in Malta, and it is recommended to research and seek out the best option if you wish to relocate here.

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