Need apartment for rent near Taastrup


I am looking for an apartment(1 or 2 bedroom) near Taastrup for a family of 3 for long term( 1 year or more)

1. Approx rent?
2. Which should be the preferred areas?


Gadehavegård and Charlotteager in Høje Taastrup are ghettos and both on the top ten list. Taastrupgaard is also problematic. There might be other areas and blocks which you shall avoid if you can.

I'll therefore advice you to ask the HR at the company if they can/will help you.

Normally, flats are rented unfurnished. Furnished flats will all be sublet. There is an Ikea in Taastrup.

The housing market is a jungle. You can get an impression of the price level if you make a search on: lejligboliger til leje Taastrup. I can see that some brand new flats pop up.

But do ask the HR for help.


Thanks Nellie.

I will check with the HR too.

I have a 3 y/o son for whom I am looking for english schools.

Will he be eligible for kindergarten or a full time school?

My office will be in Taastrup, and I want to live in an area which is in a proximity to a good school, and also close the office. Can you suggest which areas to look for housing?

In Denmark children begin school in the year when they turn five. Until then they go to kindergarten why it is only kindergartens which are relevant just now. But it will be a good idea to sign him up on a waiting list for a private school as soon as you know which one you are interested in.

Municipal schools are all free, the teaching is excellent, but the language is of course Danish. However, they start teaching English from 1. class.

There aren't many international schools in Denmark and less kindergartens. Most of them are situated in the Copenhagen area. … -care.aspx … icle?id=50 … -education … in-denmark

Roskilde is also a possibility when it comes to where to live. A nice town with atmosphere. You also find an international school there, but it is a Catholic school, and I shalln't say how much it will influence the teaching.

Roskilde, too, has an area on the ghetto list: Rønnebærparken and Æblehaven. … 6Nyere.pdf

However, I have never heard about problems in Roskilde, but often about criminal troublemakers in Taastrup. Maybe, a coincidens, but at any time, I would prefer Roskilde to Taastrup. It will be easier for you to decide for yourself when you have arrived. Will it be possible for you to arrive a couple of months before your family?


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