Cost of Living for A Single Male in Abu Dhabi

Hi, I am most probably shifting to Abu Dhabi on work permit and I would like to know the cost of living per month &  Annum for a good, comfortable life.

Kindly advise me, It helps to discuss/bargain for a decent Salary per month & annum with my HR.

Hi, Mirror.  I will assume that like me, you too are an Asian expat.
So to answer your question, I will rely on my personal experience.

1/  Single occupancy in a studio-type accommodation (minimum of DHS 3,000 per month);
2/  Owns/drives a sedan; parking space is free within my accommodation (minimum of DHS 2,300 per month).  If parking is not free, add DHS 500 to your expense.
3/  Eats out three times a week (minimum DHS 500 per month);
4/  Does my own grocery/cooks my own food (minimum montly expense of DHS 1,500);
5/  Entertainment expense of DHS 200 per week (a movie with a friend + popcorn and softdrinks);

The minimum sum of my expenses for a comfortable life is:  8,600 per month.  Too high?

Okay, I am willing to let go of the car and the weekly movie with a friend.  That brings down the minimum expense to 5,000 DHS.

If that remains too high, that is because the bulkiest single item in our expense is on accomodation which, in Abu Dhabi, is very exorbitant.  Consider the following price range for Asian accommodation:

1/  A single room in a three/four-bedroom flat:  minimum DHS 2,300 per month.
2/  Share a room, i.e. two of you in a room :  minimum DHS 1,250 per month.
3/  Bed space (double-deck arrangements):  minimum DHS 800 per month.

Best of everything. Keep in touch if you have further questions.

You have guessed it correctly brother... I am Indian(Asian) and I am very glad for the valuable information you shared.

How much transportation costs per month as I don't own any vehicle.

With Warm Regards,
Avinash Gudapati

Hi, Avinash.

These links should give you an idea:

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