New Passport Renewal - Out of Bahrain

Greetings ,

I have renewed my passport , out of Bahrain.

Few Questions :

1.So how do I enter Bahrain ?
2.After I enter , the residence permit sticker can be transferred to new passport ?
3. Do I have to update anything with CIO as my passport details show in CPR Reader Printout right ?

I'm self sponsored .

Thanks :)

Hi gunner, where to able to get the info??



So to update ,

I am self sponsored , I entered through the causeway , showed the immigration officer at the causeway that I have valid residency in my old passport , went to Immigration Office at Exhibition Road , took a token for checking passport .

The guy took my 2 passports , and printed a new sticker and stamped it into my new passport .

Voila , work done .

If someone is employed under a company , their respective PRO/GRO should do it .

This is how its usually done gunner.

Each time I get a new passport, I arrive back in Bahrain with both the new and the old passports. The immigration officer stamps the new passport and makes a note that the visa is on the old passport.

I send the passport to the authorities who stamp the new passport with the residence permit. It's a simple process, as you said.

I see a lot of Indian and Pakistani passports that are actually stapled together with the visa in the older One.

Hi, I am about to renew my passport in the Philippines, but my VISA is in my old passport valid until June 2018. Can I enter Bahrain with my new passport,, while the Visa is in the old one? I will attach the two passports when I come back. Hoping for your help. Thank you.


Yes you can present both your passports to the officer and tell him that you will transfer the RP sticker (visa) to the new one once your here.


Noted, Sir. Thank you very much for your immediate response. You've been a great help. :)

Exactly as it happened to you gunner.

One addiitonal point though. You need to update CIO through EMS and get the CPR card chip updated else it will continue to show old passport number when you pull a print from the CPR card reader.

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