Sabbatical/long holiday in Sweden

We are a family of 4 from the UK (via Canada) and are thinking seriously about spending one year+ in Sweden from next year, preferably in Upsala or Stockholm areas.  Husband knows Stockholm very well as he travels there for work two or three times per year.  He is professional and self employed and our two children are home educated so we will not be taking anything from the Swedish Government and will be completely self sufficient. We are looking at it as an adventure/education for our children. We can afford to rent a place for this period but not sure where we stand with all the Brexit stuff and if we pay taxes in both Sweden and UK.  Has anyone done anything similar and if so - how did you find living there temporarily? Who knows what the future holds - it may end up being permanent. We are currently learning basic Swedish as we don't want to be lazy and just speak English the whole time. Our attitude is: life is an adventure and adventure is an education. Thanks for any info or tips. Sheryl

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