Part time work to fit in with studying a degree in Mauritus

Hi my son,19, is due to fly out to Mauritius from England to start a course of study towards a degree in Mauritius this September and I am hoping to get some advice on how and where he could look and register for work either prior to, or upon arrival in Mauritius, to support himself financially whilst living in Mauritius.

I have done some research and understand that a strict 20hr working is in place and there is a procedure for obtaining relevant documentation from his educational institute etc. I have found some links to some work on and mallofmauritius but wonder if there are recruitment agencies or other specific ways to contact companies directly. 

My son has a reasonably good CV and has some relevant work experience in fashion retail, customer service, stewarding, hotel and conference, events, catering, bar work and some varied work at festivals.

He is a keen photographer, budding film maker, digital editor and graphic designer in the making.

His course of study includes an introductory year as a Foundation before his actual degree starts in Public Relations, Media and Marketing bringing the length of stay to 4 years minimum.

I greatly appreciate any comments, advice, contacts, recommendations and thoughts that can be provided.

Welcome on board anxious dad,

what's your son's field of studies  ?

Hi Julien,

He is studying a foundation year  to settle into the country and culture before starting the degree in media marketing and pr.

Yes seller29, he will be studying at Middlesex University and will be at their new campus in vacoas phoneix

Dear Anxious Dad,
We would be most willing to entertain the possibilities of your son coming to come and do our Entrepreneur Internship Program with us.  Most of the skills you have listed that you say he has could come in very handy with what we do. We are possibly in the most exciting field of education providing young people with an introduction to coding and for all good intents and purposes with what your son already knows, would have no problem learning on the job, or we like to say, earn while you learn. We currently have 2 university 1st-year student interns doing just that. There is the possibility for your son to register for our EV3 MINDSTORMS LEGO Education workshops, too. This would introduce him to C programming that is a graduated learning program that leads you from graphics based coding to character based coding and it's done in such a fun, exciting and interesting way. Once you can begin to master this, you can look at coaching it and earning while you learn where we provide students and equipment. In the mean time, there is the elementary program that he'd be doing anyway. As an intern you would be expected to assist the coach- that's me or my partner, but usually me and while you are learning we provide assistant coaches a relatively good fee.(certainly higher paying than any other part time work)  When they are ready to coach, they have the opportunity to earn a professional fee of up to Rs1000 per hour which could amount to a couple of 90-minute sessions per week. There may be the odd meeting every week. Since your son will be here for a while, it would give us the opportunity to really work well together.  Our interest is youth development and if he does well, then so will we. We will provide him with a lot of mentoring and personal development that will keep his mind on track with his studies, helping him to take responsibility well. We can help him get set up, register himself at the business registration office for Rs200.  I can point him in the direction that he needs to go to sort out all the logistics of working here as a student. That's his job as an "entrepreneur." Depending on his lecture timetable, we will do our best to accommodate him with work opportunities in his free time. Just remember, transport, and communication are key to getting set up. So let me know if you'd like to set up a Skype call to talk about all the details I've missed. Oh! and I almost forgot, my eldest son is a professional Kite Boarder along with my 2nd who loves the sport.  Yours will be mixing with a good bunch of kids outside of Uni as well- no doubt. Take care  :)

Thanks for the reply and potential for this entrepreneur opportunity for my son... sounds really interesting. What is the name if your company and where are you located in Mauritius.

Hi, thanks for the reply and I wanted to ask how you find the new campus in terms of area, travel, amenities, leisure and comfort. We are travelling out in a couple weeks and I have rented accommodation in Flic en flac. Thanks

We do hire part-timers from Middlesex for clients in casual dining / cafe / restaurants.
Do tell me if these kind of openings will be of interest

Hi thanks for the response, yes my son has experience in catering, bar and hospitality so this could be very useful. Please provide some further detail so I can discuss further with him.

Company Name: Think STEAM Ltd

It really goes out in all direction .. . not to mention as bartender .. in fashion retail

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