Moving back to the USA from Opatija

Anyone have any tips on how to move the US "cheaply"?  Maybe someone knows of a moving company?  Everything is getting difficult.  Cost of moving is 3x what it was to move here. 

Also if anyone is in the Rijeka area and is thinking of adding plants to their home I have plenty that need new homes; ceramic pots and hanging metal baskets for them. 

2 Kitties looking for homes as well.

I live in America, because of my work situation , I had to move frequently, then realized do you really need all that furniture or worldly goods?? I just sold my house in England . I did it from here,  gave everything away.  do you need all the worldly goods????  I kept or had posted over to me my personal papers etc.  I did not look back,   besides you don't know where you will live? how big is your apartment? storage space here is minimum $100.00 dollars a month.   think about it , is the furniture really worth hanging on to????  did you check with overseas shipping companies?

Fred Wright.

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