Chances of EP approval ?

I am offered job in Singapore. I am 6 year experience Automation engg and offered 6500SGD. Consultancy has filed my EP for his client which has very big name in Singapore. I have 2 queries.

1. What are my chances of getting approval early ? any idea. It is applied on 15th Aug. My origin country is India. Last 3 EP of same company is done within 1 week. Please suggest timeline for my case and chances of approval.

2. Also i am not able to check status online. I have application number as well. Whenever i try to check , it gives me error "E0000236 : No record found." Hr is able to see my status after login in and it says "Pending". Please suggest what should i do.

For query 1: There is a possibility you may get a positive response from MoM but now a days MoM is strict. Just have patience.
Nobody knows how many days it will take (from 7 calendar days  to 4 Months).

For query 2: if someone you know has Singpass log in, ask them to check for you. Good luck

thanks. My employer just checked using login and status is showing for him as "Pending". Fingers crossed. let see how many days it will going to take.

Update :
Now i able to see my EP status online. Status is still pending but they also give FIN as well. Do they allot FIN even for pending case ? Let me know who has earlier experience on this.

A FIN is issued about a week after appliocation. It remains with you for the rest of your life (or until you become Singapore citizen or PR). All future EP or other applications will be under the same FIN.

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