looking for a bilingual school NL/EN or NL/FR

Dear All,

Just arrived in Brussels from Africa ,we werr there for work and our son (4 year old next week) did montessori internation bilingual school english/french since age of 2 until now si he is fluent in both language. We are looking for a good bilingual school for him in nederlands and french or english  as we want him to lean dutch..any recommendation? We live in Laeken.


Won't get a place in dutch school in that area of Brussels. Agnes school the only private French dutch school is 99% French speakers.

Go live in a dutch speaking area for.Dutch ie Flanders

8 schools on n Brussels Flemish with places for 4 year olds. None in laeken.

http://info.inschrijveninbrussel.be/bas … atsen.aspx

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