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I hold a bachelor degree in mechanical engineering and I work as a factory manager in Egypt and I want to work in Malaysia and move permanently there.

Is it better to travel to Malaysia and find a job with in 3 months or to find and secure a job from here and is it easy to find a job while I'm still in my country (how the interviews and other recruitment stuff will be done?)?


The first step would be to do some research on recruitment portals to see what positions are available. I would suggest Jobstreet online and recruitment company Robert Walters. The main issue will be that you don't speak any of the various local languages, if you are thinking of continuing to work in the manufacturing industry. Don't just search in KL area for work, as the main hubs are elsewhere in Malaysia.

Once you have done some  job research and also found out if there is manufacturing in the area in which you have expertise, you will be in a better position to decide whether to take a trip to Malaysia. It is rare for there to be walk-interviews for positions, so at least emailing your CV to companies you have identified as potential employers would be a good idea. Do include a photo in your CV, which is a local requirement.

I would also suggest exploring other areas of mechanical engineering apart from factory positions. However, recruitment in Malalysia is usually closely linked to past work experience. One of the best ways to find employment is to network as much as possible to get advice and leads.

Thanks for your reply

I have already searched for jobs related to my expertise  and found many opportunities.

But I didn't understand your say that I can find a job from here without traveling?

and please provide me with areas that have factories

Thanks again

It is best to try and apply for jobs for a few months while still in your home country. As walk-interviews are only used for manual work, turning up at potential employers is not going to be a very cost and time effective method. If you have skills which are not found in the Malaysian workforce, then that would help to get a job offer. Otherwise, if the job can be done by a Malaysian, then foreigners will not be hired. So highlight your skills carefully. Check out online resources such as the various Chambers of Commerce - … _List.aspx to get lists of manufacturers. There are also factories in locations such as Ipoh, Penang and Johor


I would like to ask about acquiring the employment pass from outside country of origin. I am originally from Lebanon. The school told me to come to Malaysia on tourist visa. Then as the papers start being processed, I ought to exit to Indonesia and from there obtain the single entry visa IF i get approved...I feel that this too risky ...
Should I really be that it a MUST to obtain the approval from my country of origin?
Please help...

Sherryz - the rule is while Stage I of the Professionl Pass application by employer and approval by immigration is being carried out, the potential employee has to be outside Malaysia. … 016%20.pdf

As the process may take a several weeks and applications can be rejected, you need to be prepared for the expenses involved. Please don't pay any money to obtain a PP. Reputable employers don't charge for recruitment. Only a few nationalities require a Visa with Reference (VDR) but without a convenient way to get a tourist visa, then it can be useful (Some nationalities go to Cambodia - they have a USD 30-50 charge for an on-arrival entry visa there I believe). But everyone does need to be outside Malaysia during the approval process. … reference.

Only large and international employers in Malaysia have the ability to hire foreigners and there are restictions in certain sectors, such as tourism. If the applicant does not hold any special skills that are not available in Malaysia, Immigration will decline the application. This is especially relevant to freshers and people without at least 2-3 years of relevant work experience.

I applied to an international school. i have about 5 years experience teaching English and a bachelor degree...the issue is that since school already started , they require a teacher to arrive promptly...hence the arrival upon a free visa then exiting again to any nearby country through which Lebanese can obtain a free visa entrance like indonesia to wait for their visa approval back to malaysia...
So my contract is now pending upon whether or not my employer wants to invest in some extra time to bring me in in a lawful way...however, i dn think this will happen bcz they are in a rush ....
i wish i could obtain my emplyment through what they suggested but it feels too risky and unpredictable...
in anycase Thank you for clarifying it better for me 😊

Sherryz - the time you spend in another country waiting for approval is equal to the time they spend now recruiting you correctly. In fact, doing it properly now is going to take less time and cost you less money and stress.

As you can appreciate, working on a tourist visa is an offence and there are tax evasion issues as well. Strange behaviour from an international school.

An employer should be able to apply online for the Professional Pass and get a decision within a couple of weeks. But I think schools have a more long-winded process of being approved by the Ministry of Education.

I get the feeling they may be trying to use your services as a stop-gap..... In a way, if you comply with their wishes you have no guarantee they will ever apply for a work permit for you in the future. All contracts of employment are "subject to immigration approval" Starting in a muddle seems a less than satisfactory way to begin.

Yeah you are absolutely right and you make perfect sense ... I really hope they decide to do things the right way since I am really eager to live and gain experience from expats working there as well...
In anycase as they say "never give up, never surrender" I'll keep trying to make my dream come true if this doesn't work 👍😊

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