Can I change my Student Visa to Work Permit in Malta?

Hello Everybody

I am Mert from Turkey. I have Student Visa from Malta but I've found a Job. (Language School)
So Can I change my student visa to work permit in Malta?

Please Let me know

Hi megastar,

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I invite you to have a look at the articles in the Visas in Malta section, you will probably find some interesting information.

I would also advise you to contact the embassy in your country so that they give you some more precise information.

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Go and see the ETC.
It may not be possible but they will probably be able to give you an answer.


Thank you for your kind message :)

I want to apply work permit visa in Malta.  I will ask Embassy too but If you have any information please share with me. It's really important for me

If you have not already read it the 'Sticky' or pinned post at the top of the forum topic page may be of help. It covers TCN's wishing to live and work in Malta. It is from 2014 so some things may have changed.

This link takes you straight to it,


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