Planning a vacation to manila Philippines looking for a american

My wife and I are planning a trip to Manila Philippines and would like to be pen-pals with an American retired US Navy for friendship and conversation and maybe a cold beer. If you are interested in talking with an Floridian who plans on visiting Manila please respond I'm also former US Navy.

Hi John, I'm a US veteran as well, lived/worked abroad for 11 years previously...   and, early Oct will fly to CDO Philippines to live.

.. so have gained 'great useful wisdom' from key guys and couples who have lived there for years..

let me know how I can help you and your wife?!   as a brother.

PS.... some places in Philippines are 'much cheaper' and storm free than Manila.

Why Manila?

My wife and I have family in Manila and Olongapo City Philippines and are just visiting and we decided to visit Manila to be close to her brother. We are planning a 24 day stay and we would like to go to Bagiou Philippines, Tagaytay My wifes brother lives in Paranaque city metro manila and we could use some help finding a hotel close by there I could ask him but I want to make friends too maybe to go out to dinner with and drinks and tourist sites if they are unavailable were visiting in the summer of next year my wife works for the local school and is off work all summer nice meeting you Please reply

Dear Brother (military),
Great, you're a thoughtful man as family relationships are vital there.   Don't know your timeframe, but.....  after oct 9th I should be settled into Cagayan De Oro City permanently  (a no storms, great plce with good entertainment and dinning and lower costs).   So....    toss my email somewhere in your email file system..and one day if you and your wife come to CDO, I can greet you at airport and we can go out for a meal of good memories sharing.   God bless you in Jesus and thank you for your great example of a honorable family man to your wife's family.   Wise, John!

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