Relocating to Sal

Hi guys,

We are a professional couple with 2 children and 2 dogs, we will be relocating to Sal in December.

We are British, however we currently live in Spain and have done for many years.

Workwise, I run my own company which I will continue to do remotely from Cape Verde and my partner has a couple of business ideas which we will be setting up once we are over.

I am organising for my children to be registered in the new Montessori school which officially opens in the New Year.

My questions are, which is the best healthcare insurance that is widely accepted in the private hospitals and health centres, our current insurance only covers Spain.

Also, I am looking for long term rental accommodation that accepts pets, if anybody knows of anything around.

And also any other general advise for a family relocating. I totally understand that Cape Verde is under developed, which is the main attraction for us. We don´t need to rely on the Cape Verdean economy, instead we will be helping the economy by offering jobs to locals.

I´ll look forward to hearing from you all.


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