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Hi All,

I am facing a strange issue, I have an offer in KL and I have resigned from current company and got my EP cancelled & received all necessary documents.
however my current employer has not released me from expat system so my new employer cannot key in for new EP stage 1. My current employer is not releasing me and creating issues.

What are the options available for me to proceed in such a case.

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So, are you saying that your current employer will not give you the No Objection Certificate which is needed to start the Stage I with the new employer? Or are they just not taking the appropriate action on the database?

Withholding a NOC happens quite frequently. All you can do is to discuss the matter with your employer and ask for their support so you can progress your career. Tackling the issue calmly is probably the only way forward. I assume they know the new employer is having an issue, but perhaps you could remind them that their assistance would be highly appreciated regarding updating the database.

One thing is don't expect everything to be obvious and be prepared to discuss. Experience has shown that misunderstanding do occur.

Hi Garvitas,

Thanks for response, NOC not needed as already back to home country with cancelled EP and release documents.

New employer has to apply for stage 1 but in expat its still locked under existing one.
as per logical process EP cancellation has to be done Online first and then physical cancellation. but it was not done... is this legal to cancel the visa physically but not doing so in expat?

What are other ways to get it done as it sounds illegal to me :-( ,no cooperation from employer as i already quit.

grazie.. :-)

Mmmm, Well once current EP expires all will be possible.

EP expiration is long due, any other way to get employer release? Is this legal to hold one passport online ? Can new employer force current employer to free in database? What options do you suggest?..

Have you asked your former employer to update the EP cancellation date in the database? Could it be an oversight ? If you write an explanatory letter it may help. If you phrased it more as a question rather than an accusation it may soften the approach.

I did notice there is an email address for ESD. Another avenue might be to request their assistance in the database being updated if the former employer does not react. Their email is MYXpats[at]

Molte Grazie Garvitas... let me try email option, Hope this works....😊

Hey Garvitas,

Nothing much came out of email, followed up with previous employer but they point blank refused as they are angry for joining a new company. they have process to harass employees. Now what is the way for such an Visa issues? Does companies in MY has unilateral authority to hold any Visa on their wishes even after due process was followed?

Any grievance  redress mechanism available for such cases? highly appreciated ur cooperation so far.


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