Georgian Comunity

Hi every one I have live in Sydney for some reason I have looking Georgian people where they most locate in Sydney, and where they most visit place to get together . I have genetic 65% Caucasian I had DNA test for reason looking my biologic Mum. and finally I have fined my Mum back ground is she from Georgia . I will like to share my story by locally and may help to fined my Mum . I have grow up in Turkey and I don't have any Georgian friend and any Idea . if some one help for me for this case I appreciate .


Helen/ Hamiye

hi, how you know that your biological mum-Caucasian is from Georgia? she might be from some other Caucasian country???

my Family member was talking about . and my DNA is showing that she genetic who was from ottoman empire time they live Turkish and Rome Armenian who live at under same roof  . I trace her has been long time . she religions is Christion or catholic not Muslim.  so I have looking ethnic group of in Sydney where they locate .

where about you live ?

I think you need to broaden your search, jut because its Caucasian blood does not mean she is from Georgia. Also, Armenians are not ethnically Caucasian so you might not have any connection with Caucasus. There are christians everywhere in Caucasus

yes I don't know much about Caucasus , Thank you for you information I appreciate .

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