do you know of agencies in Ireland that employs South Africans?

HI all, We currently live in South Africa and would like to make the move to Ireland, I work as a Marketing Communications manager at an international company. I am a Marketing and business development specialist and my partner bookkeeper and administration manager.

Can anyone help us, we need to know where to find a job, do you know of agencies in Ireland that employs South Africans? Any advice?

Hi Annie,

In all honesty, I would not recommend you to use an agency, there are too many of them by now and given you already have a lot of experience and you are also native English speaker, I would recommend you to check out directly on some platforms like or to get to know what companies are currently hiring in Dublin with some similar roles you're currently doing now and you apply directly on their official website. That will go quicker for the hiring process as agencies these days tend to be very slow or very clumsy so sometimes you apply to jobs that interest you and then they just forget about you or come back to you at the very last minute and you can't be either correctly organized or well prepared for your interviews.

Use any agencies as last resort if you can't find anything on your own.

Kind regards,

Portgas D. Ace

Hi Annie,

Depending of course on your visa situation, any agency in Ireland that covers your sector will be happy to assist you. Applying directly to companies is definitely recommended. However, agencies often have access to jobs not advertised elsewhere and an insight into the company/culture which can be very useful. I won't list loads of agency names here but if you need advice feel free to message me.

Good luck with your job search and I hope you find something soon!

Kind regards,

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