Health insurance for residency application as self sufficient

me /EU/ and my wife /non EU/, will be applying for residency as self sufficient. We need to get health insurance first to be able to apply. Would you have any suggestions on which company is the best , cheapest etc? I have been going through the forum but found mostly discussion related to UK citizens and their RHA which is not applicable to us since we are not from UK.
Thanks for your advices

Hi, just make a search on the internet. There are many to chose from!

I researched this a year ago but decided against private insurance in the end and just pay social security. i think is not bad at least i did not find as many complains as for the rest.

Always google insurance name plus some bad words plus forum to see how many people say negative things.

i didnt come across the 'globality health' but I got quotes from 4 others and the cheapest one was Atlas

I dont know Atlas but if you get private health insurance, the cheapest option is often not the best.

Basicly what you need is an insurance that has a very good cover for serious illnesses because small things you can just pay yourself. (look at the max Euro converage for cancer for example)

Also you want a company that pays, so you dont have to get a lawyer everytime you have a larger claim. Its a tricky business and there are a lot of bad insurance companies.

I dont know if globality is the best but i sure would research this topic in deapth.

Also its smart to have a very high deductible if you are not that old and healthy. For example with a 2000 Euro deductible you can sometimes save like 1400 Euro per Year. If you just put that money aside for 2-3 years you save a lot if you dont get sick.

Also you dont have the hassle with the insurance for small claims.

Are there any government guidelines on what kind of insurance policy you must have to qualify for your Visa? Such as 'zero deductible' or 'no copays' or 'minimum of 30,000 Euro' or 'repatriation costs included', etc.

I believe Spain has many of the above requirements.

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