divorce rates in vietnam

how many divorces in Vietnam are caused via eating pho and not staying with rice ? and what are the risks for foreigners?

Hi Mark,
Amazing ......I've often thought the same thing.

Just increase the level of your medication & those issues will subside from your memory.   

Was it Pho Bo , or Pho Ga......mmmm, I'll ask Roy.

Well, I think the rate is 50/50 depending on every certain situation which creates the risk of divorce  eg: flash pleasure like 'bia om' or long-term intimate relationship like 'ngoai tinh' - extra-marital affair. And when it comes to the point of divorce there would be no exception provided that you are Vietnamese or foreigner  :D

Quick sex before racing off to the quán cà phê to watch bóng đá and drink cà phê đá
with your mates , this may lead to divorce.

As always, foreigners have no 'rights' in Vietnam, even though many are fooling themselves to believe that they are 'privileged' and entitled to whatever they think they are entitled to. Divorce rate in Vietnam isn't as high as that in the U.S but it has certainly made its climb compared to 10 years ago. It is customary to avoid having a divorce as that may induce a negative impact on your parents' reputation among the local neighbors and relatives. It makes no difference whether the marriage/divorce is between a Vietnamese to another Vietnamese or to a foreigner. A divorce in either case will surely have a negative impact on the parents due to the reason mentioned above.

From 2014 … in-vietnam

1/4 apparently.

a good read, still lower than USA or Au

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