Hi all, good day!

I've been very blessed to have been offered a job in either Dublin or Drogheda. Now I've read in alot of sites that Dublin has a very high cost of living so despite the appeal of city life, and the fact that I'm more excited of the work environment in the Dublin site, I'm a little bit confused if I should just choose the other option.

Now my question is: if the salary offer will be the same for both, which place would be more ideal to live in? I don't have kids so schooling issues are not a problem. Night life is also something I don't have issues with, I'm perfectly happy with nature parks, cafes, libraries and shopping malls just to get my mind off things. I don't drive so ease of public transport is something of a plus, especially during the night time as my work will not be in the office.

Thank you very much for anyone who could help me out!

HI Ikayperez and welcome to forum

It would highly depend of your preference and also in what type of accommodation you would like to settle in because the housing costs will be more expensive in Dublin than Drogheda so if you were given the same salary, choosing Drogheda would be the smartest choice.

On the other side, you'll have more things and stuff to do in Dublin than in Drogheda.

If you don't mind sharing this information, how much have you been offered for the job ?

Depending how high is the salary you've been offered, you could take an easy pick ;)

Kind regards,

Portgas D. Ace

Hi Portgas D. Ace, thank you for the tip!

I'm still waiting for the actual job letter to arrive by email, my agent had just called me to give the good news but the actual offer letter is still not on hand, and I believe you are right, maybe I will finally settle on a decision once I get that offer letter (and actual salary offer)!

By the way, aside from housing, is everything else in Dublin much more expensive than others? Sadly I don't get much out of Google whenever I search for Drogheda so at the moment Dublin sounds really exciting for me.. Although as I said, once the letter comes all things might change 😁

Again, thanks very much!

Kind regards,


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