Country Music in Bahrain

Hi All

Im an english guy who has moved to Bahrain for work and am a an avid Country Music fan, struggling to find any venues that have country bands or just play country Music.

Can anyone help please?

Thanks Guys

Jason :)


Welcome to Bahrain!

I haven't heard much country music in local venues, but I vaguely remember they had live music at the Brit Club and it did sound like country! It might be worth checking their website for any concerts/events.
There is also a Celtic singer/songwriter Sandy Thom - she regularly gives concerts around the island to support animal charities:

Hi There

Ok thanks for that, i like Sandi Thom, Ill keep a look out for her on twitter. I went to Cowboy Bharain in Saar yestersday and the guy said from October onwards there are some events so he is gonna keep me informed.

Thanks again for the info.

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You could try Wranglers in Juffair. At least they have a western bar theme going. It's a bit of a special crowd there, but then I guess that's Juffair for you. Enjoy!

Hi There

Thank you for the advise, ill give it a go.

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Hello....Look no further than BIG TEXAS at the OLIVE BEST WESTERN Hotel in Juffair. Wed-Sun 7-9pm. Musician from NASHVILLE

Thank you :)

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