Looking to Meet expats in Progreso MX in April

I am looking at retirement options and will be in Progreso April 9-16.  I would like to meet a couple of expats for socializing and chatting about their experiences.  I would be delighted to meet up on line to chat a bit and set up a date to hang out at a tiki bar.  Looking forward to hearing from y'all. Brenda

Welcome on board craft1950 ;)

Hi every Brenda, wellcome to Yucatan. we will be glad to meet you. We are sure you will love to live in this beatifull city, Arthur and Mayte.

Hi Arthur and Mayte, that would be wonderful.  I look forward to it.  I won't have a car so you will have to let me know how to contact you.  I do think I am going to try to come into Merida on Sunday to see the festivities I have heard so much about.


There are lots of entretainment around the city, send us an email, bmwmex2[at]

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