Visa on arrival for new born baby

Hi, Assalamu alaikum,
Am RAHMAN, am planning to bring my new born baby to Saudi (my wife will be going to saudi this month ) but I want to bring  baby on next month without mother (father only can bring new born baby )on visa on arrival time it's possible

I brought my baby of 1.5 month old without visa to Saudi Arabia . I came by air Arabia flight from Calicut-Sharjah-jizan on 24th August 2017. In jizan airport they only asked whether I am holding a birth certificate or not, I replied yes. No more technical difficulties

Hi when did you bring you baby this year or last year, is there any changes in rules

I brought my baby on 24.8.2017

am planning to travel to Saudi Arabia from New York city with my new baby born (10 days) and i need to know if i can travel without issuing Visa for my new baby and get a visa on arrival.
Note that we are both traveling with Valid Exit_Re Entry plus valid Iqama's, in addition, we are going direct to Riyadh through Saudi Airlines.
Please need feedback ASAP as my flight will be soon

did you bring your baby on arrival visa from pak can you share me ur experience??

hi,  Did you make any translation of Birth certificate and attested by Saudi counsellate.

is the birth certificate translation and attestation necessary.
reply plz.

HI can we bring new born baby from Pakistan without visa and we can get visa on arrival .

yes you can....for child under 6 months....recently one of my known to came....with Passport, Birth certificate  etc.

Dear, I am in same situation and want my newborn to travel with me from Dallas to RIyadh, Can you please let me know what should I do? Did you get visa from USA or visa on arrival worked for you.

Dear Aamer,
My son and wife reached Riyadh from Delhi in dec 2017 and got Visa on arrival for the newborn baby. My wife had valid dependent aqama.
One should have vaccination certificate from a doctor and Birth Certificate. (Better to get it attested from saudi embassy). In my case my family came without this attestation.
Hope the above comment will solve the purpose.
Dr. A. Samad

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