Registration for non-residents a.k.a temporary BSN

Hi. I've just heard there is an option to get a temporary BSN using my address from the outside of the Netherlands. Apparently, that's something that's available to the EU citizens only, provided you want to stay in the Netherlands for less than 4 months. Has anyone tried it? Is it then hard to change this non-resident registration to the resident one, once I have an address in the Netherlands?

It seems like a much faster way to get a BSN as it doesn't require me to have a Dutch address straight away.

Dank je!

Hi Magda,

No, you can't register with any Gemeente in Holland until you have a permanent address in the Netherlands.

What is this then? … gezetenen/

Sounds like you can register and get BSN as non[-resident too

Hi Magda,

That is the "Registratie niet-ingezetenen" system; this is for people who are coming to work or study in Holland for less than 4-months; you gain nothing by using this system and have to provide exactly the same information and still physically be there (at the Gemeentehuis) to register.

The link you provided just gives you the ability to make an appointment online for your registration interview at the Town Hall.  There are no benefits to be gained by registering first as a 4-month person.

Just to add - I had to make an appointment with the Gemeente Enschede last week; I called into the Gemeentehuis in the morning while out shopping with my wife and got an appointment the same day (2 hours later).  It really isn't a difficult thing to get done.  The only thing of note was that because our questions were related to us as a couple, we had to book a double appointment; we were done in 10 minutes.

Hope this helps. :)

Expat Team

I don’t Understand why Cynic says that it doesn’t make any difference. When you first arrive to the Netherlands you obviously can’t find a place to rent on the first few days, and a BSN number is important to start looking for a job otherwise you need the enough money to do nothing for like a month until you find a place, get your BSN and then look for a job.

Wouldn’t it be easier/possible to arrive, get my RNI, start looking for a job and an accommodation? So that then, after I have a rent contract I can go to the geneente to register?

I’m moving to the NL for a year in a December and I have the same question.

It probably would be easier, but that's the Dutch system; you have to register within 5-days of arrival and you won't get a BSN (or RNI) until you do.  There is nothing stopping you from registering at one address, then change your address at a later date once you've found your dream house.  In fact, it's important to re-register, or you'll continue to pay the local taxes for that old address and the new one.

One word of advice - check that the person who owns the place where you are living will allow you to register at that address.  We've had information that some landlords who are trying to hide the rental income they receive, from the Dutch tax-man, will not permit registration.

I tried to move to the Netherlands the first time around 10 years ago. The system was so frustrating, I left after a week. You had to get a SOFI number but couldn't of you never had a tenancy or job. Then the catch 22 came in, where you couldn't get a job or a tenancy without a SOFI.

Now the system is way better. I returned to try again. Now you just go to their local town council office (Gemeente Amstel 1, 1011 PN Amsterdam, Netherlands) and give them your hotel address to obtain the temporary BSN, take that BSN to the SNS Bank, open a bank account, get a job/rent.

It sounds strange that you managed to provide your hotel as your address. I think you registered as a non-resident (RNI), right? So then you can register once you find an address, and in the meantime you look for a job because you have a BSN already, is this correct?

I got the BSN the first day I arrived, printed there and then. I had no address. It was a hostel I got the BSN sent to.

Also to note that I'm British and my friend who came with me was Lithuanian. He didn't get the BSN on the same day. I think there's a little racism going on

I think the Dutch government are trying to clamp down on black market workers so they've made it easier

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