Anyone into Music or LindyHop dancing?


Im going to Pointe Noire 1 september, and Im looking for people to play some music with or dancing!

Hey Ambodar,
I'm moving to PNR in December. I'll be a part time dance teacher at a local school (ballet and jazz). I'm not great at lindy hop but could always learn?! I'm also a keen singer (and I am desperately trying to learn guitar, which I'll bring with me). Will definitely try and get in touch when I arrive. Hope you're settling in well.

Oh thats great to read your message! I cant wait to meet up!
PN is settling fine for me, Im enjoying the people and atmosphere!
See you in December!


Hi ambodar

How you doing I am interested in music and dance and I am in pnr so shall we meet this weekend

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